I am an artist and designer, my studio is located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Hand printing textiles is a process I love – beginning with a rough design on paper and ending with a carefully created work of art. Inspiration is drawn from many places, however I design, cut blocks for printing, print and finish in my studio.

All of my designs are created and printed in repeat. My print table set-up currently allows for three yards of fabric to be printed as one continuous length – so orders greater than three yards will be printed as two or more lengths of fabric, depending on the total yardage ordered. Most designs can be railroaded for an additional fee. The ground fabric is 57” to 60” wide, printed width is 54”. Ground fabrics are 100% linen or linen/cotton union – white, off-white, natural – in weights suitable for home furnishings. One yard is the minimum that can be ordered. The final printed fabric is heat set for permanence. Dry cleaning is recommended, the ground fabrics are not preshrunk.

Memo samples are available and are block printed to order. A memo sample must be approved for color before work begins on the final printing.

I mix textile ink colors by hand from primary and secondary hues, white and black. The inks are water based, solvent free. Textile inks are highly saturated in pigment but are not opaque, therefore colors are affected by the color of the ground fabric.

Since my process lends itself easily to custom colorways and designs I am happy to collaborate on individual projects and match custom colors. Approval of a strike-off is required for custom colorways before final printing will begin.

Fabric block printed by hand will have some variations in ink saturation and design registration, which is part of its charm.

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My surface designs, available for licensing, are created in repeat with various colorways. After sketching and drawing initial design ideas, I work out the motifs, repeats and colorways using Adobe Illustrator – the final design and pattern is a digital file.